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Guiding you through the process of healing yourself.

“You are equipped with everything you need to heal, transform and thrive.” ~ Leah

Energy Healing

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Leah is a Certified Yoga Instructor and a Professional Energy Healing Practitioner.  For more than a decade, Leah has practiced the art of yoga and energy medicine.  Her own healing journey led her on the path to help others.

Leah suffered from chronic overwhelm from overworking, challenging relationships and emotional disorders that contributed to physical ailments in the body and mental distortions.  Yoga and energy healing medicine is what helped her shift her perspective in life from survival mode to thriving in abundant health and what still helps her today maintain a frequency tuned to abundance and well-being.

Leah is a firm believer in becoming whole through the body, mind and spirit.  Throughout her journey, she discovered that healing isn’t focused on one thing…it encompasses the whole, as well as deprogramming and reprogramming the subconscious mind to tune to wholeness.

Leah’s mission is to provide people with instruction and to guide and inspire them to do the work to heal themselves.  “The only reason people are suffering is because they don’t know how not to.” ~Leah


My professional energy healing specialty is through energy transmission by  guided healing meditations and energy treatments that include the releasing of trapped emotions.

Trapped emotions are impressions or imprints in the energy fields and bodies that actually have shape, size, color and form.  In yoga tradition, they are known as samskaras.

Trapped emotions restrict the full flow of life force energy, alter your perception of life and they disallow you to live in your fullest potential.  They are also contributed to physical ailments, self-sabotage, and mental and physical disorders and distortions. More on trapped emotions here.

I will work with you to release resistance in areas of your life by changing to help you reprogram your mind from lack, survival and suffering to abundant health, love and happiness.

Energy Medicine

How to Work with Me

Your healing is not outside of you.  It is part of who you are. It is in your DNA.  The body knows what to do to heal and thrive.  Your mind must be well enough to give it that direction.

See me in person:

I am located in Alpharetta, GA and can see clients in the Atlanta area at my practice locations.  

See me remotely:

I do professional energy healing sessions remotely.  I work with clients all over the globe.

For groups, corporate clients and retreats, please contact me.