Yoga Services

Our yoga services are designed for groups or private sessions and for the beginner or those wanting to deepen their practice.

Private Yoga Classes

You will be redirected to the Alpharetta Wellness Collective website to book your appointment.

Private 1-to-1 Yoga Classes

Our private yoga classes are designed for people who are:

  • new to yoga
  • pregnant
  • returning after a long break or injury
  • need special attention
  • want to gain confidence before going to a studio
  • want to work on a personal goal or to heal
  • simply want to practice alone

Private yoga lessons are increasing in popularity.  No matter what your needs are, private yoga classes are designed to fit the specific needs of the student.

Individual private lessons are held at Alpharetta Wellness Collective.  See contact page for details.

Individual Pricing

$90/55 min (minimum 3 classes)

Group Pricing

$150/60 min (minimum 3 classes)

Guided Meditation & Mindfulness Services

Guided meditations are available for private or group sessions.  This service is designed on the needs of the individual or the group as an introduction to meditation or for deeper exploration for meditators.

Guided meditation sessions can be held at any location, such as your home, office, church, organization, etc.

Custom recorded guided meditations are also available for people who want a way to meditate daily anywhere.  These are also useful for people who want to work on a specific goal, such as to heal or manifest a particular outcome in life.


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Meditation & Mindfulness

Corporate Yoga Classes

 We help you bring wellness to the workplace & beyond!

Our corporate packages are designed to stand alone as a corporate wellness program or easily fit into an exisiting corporate wellness program.  Classes are about 55 minutes.  You provide the space!

Classes can take place during work hours, lunch or in the evening.

On-site corporate yoga classes can be structured as followed:

  1. 100% Corporate sponsored.
  2. Corporate/Employee split.
  3. 100% employee sponsored.

We also work with hotels, senior living facilities, co-working offices, apartment living complexes and retreats.

Download our corporate yoga wellness information.