In our yoga tutorial series, standing tree pose or vrksasna is like the mother of all poses.  The tree pose is the essence of all yoga. It targets and balances all 7 main energy centers and is said to represent the importance of integrating all limbs of yoga.

Standing tree pose can be used to work on centering and to increase balance. You can use this pose holding onto a wall if new to the pose.

The tree pose tutorial includes modifications and variations for different levels and stages of yoga. The pose is useful anywhere, especially in situations you feel you need to ground and balance.

The key to balance is to engage your core and staying connected to your breath.

Try a Blind Stand

I usually do a soft gaze with this pose and sometimes I challenge myself to completely close my eyes.

When you close your eyes, there is a different feel to the pose.  It is a time for you to really FEEL your body balance itself with each sway.

Here’s the thing…

Everything has movement.  Even when something appears to be rigid, there is movement of particles, atoms and ions that make up the material framework of whateve the item is.  Although it looks stiff and grounded like a tree stump, particles are moving.

We, as humans, are the same way.  This pose is a great way to gather more insight and get answers to burning questions that you are seeking clarity on.

Benefits of this pose:

~Strengthens and stabilizes the legs.

~Improves balance and core strength.

~Opens hips.

~Supports Spiritual Awakening.