More than Poses

 Yoga is a way of living that helps you tune to your Power. 

The workout is the bonus!

Get to Know…

Yoga from Scratch was created by the vision of Leah Merriweather to educate people on the purpose of yoga and how to access their POWER.  Whether for corporate, group or private sessions, she has a plan to get more people to tune to well-BEing.

Her approach to yoga is a healing art, therapy, a time to clear blockages and tune to a higher version of the SelfThe workout is the bonus!

Leah is also an Energy Healing Practitioner with a focus on releasing trapped emotions in the body and assisting people in returning to Wholeness.  Her studies of the workings of the energy bodies and the subconscious mind and how it relates to our mindbody and our overall well being, has led her on her own healing journey.  

Leah works with her clients to help them return to harmony and wholeness through treatments that target areas to release trapped emotions and rewrite old subconscious programming.  The releasing of these trapped emotions can open the door to giving and receiving love and can often result in the sudden disappearance of physical ailments, traumatic relationships, an improved self concept and so much more.

Reprogramming helps individuals to create new timelines by becoming a new version of the Self.

“I was introduced to yoga over 10 years ago just after I left the world of Engineering to pursue my business full time.  Like most people, my introduction to yoga was by way of poses; meditation and energy work soon followed.  

The deeper I went into my practice the more aware I became about the physical and energetic aspects of the fascinating intelligence of the human body.  

Through my own journey of healing, I discovered that we have the ability to heal ourselves and improve our quality of lives with education and the right tools and techniques for transformation.  I also discovered that the only thing we’re working with is the only thing there is…Energy! This was my ah-hah moment and where my passion was sparked to study the energetic body and the science of yoga.  

I share the gift of yoga as therapy with a combination of science and intuition, and energy healing.  I facilitate meditation circles as well as private guided meditations. I also create and facilitate workshops that are designed to provide education and tools that can be used daily.

My motto is to incorporate yoga as a tool in its various aspects, not by poses alone.  

My background in science and engineering has prepared me for this journey of Inner Engineering and I am here to guide you along the way.”

Women’s Empowerment

We work closely with organizations who are dedicated to empowering women.  Here are some of our partners.

Transformational Leadership

The Women’s Empowerment Institute is a hybrid coaching and training organization designed to invigorate your leadership courage, empower confidence and self worth, while working with you to remove those nagging limiting beliefs.

Unique Empowerment for Women

WOE is an “Ellen meets Oprah” experience for heart-centered women. Awaken to your truest self among a tribe of powerful women in an evening designed to create long-lasting shifts.  At WOE, we believe that anything is possible.

Center for Wellness

Alpharetta Wellness Collective is a multi-use space and holistic boutique, in Downtown Alpharetta, GA, that hosts a variety of wellness practitioners.



“I had medical challenges and I coudn’t do what most of the people could do in the class.  Leah was so patient with me.  She got a chair, so that I can continue with the class.  She taught me the chair poses while the others did the standard poses.  I’m looking forward for her return to Detroit to teach again.” ~ Connie

“Leah helped me understand a lot more about yoga that I didn’t know.  The class was very enlightening!” ~ Stephanie

“I really enjoyed the workshop.” ~ Gail