Is finding the right place at work holding you out from meditating in the workplace?  If so, I’ve got seven places to choose from when you need to steal away to your inner sanctuary in order to meditate at work.

Even if your place of work offers a wellness room, the rooms can get a bit crowded and/or noisy and in some cases, you may not like the feel and ambiance of the room.

When it comes to meditating anywhere, all you need is a quieter place that keeps you from being distracted.

Consider these areas…

The Bathroom

Me: “Meditate in the bathroom.”

You:  “Did she just say, bathroom?!?!”

Me: “She did!”

Look, before you give a strong side-eye to this suggestion, here me out for a moment. 

Where is the ONE place where you will get COMPLETE privacy?  

A bathroom stall, right?

Where is the ONE place where people will come knocking only if they need tissue or the building is on fire?  

A bathroom stall.

Where is the ONE place people DO NOT WANT to talk to you?  

A bathroom stall.

Ever accidentally walked in on someone sitting on the potty?  Yeah?  What happened next – everyone screamed, right! You may have even gotten yelled at or the door slammed shut in your face.  No one ever wants to see or know what’s going on in there. It is the most private place of all creation.  

Might I add, there is something about the bathroom that brings people present.  There isn’t too much chatter.  It can actually be quite peaceful, outside of an occasional flush or two.

Truth is, all bathrooms are not created equalI get that!

Meditating in the bathroom is something to consider if and only if YOU feel comfortable with being in a bathroom stall at your place of work.  Some things to consider before closing your eyes and taking a deep breath on the potty…

Is it…

  • Odor free?
  • Clean?
  • Safe?
  • Quiet?
  • Large enough to not be bothered by offensive odors?
  • Do you have your emergency spray ready?  (be sure it’s laced with essential oils)

Perhaps, there are single rooms where you can lock the door and be alone.  You be the judge on how comfortable it feels to you.

The bathroom can be the place where you let sh*t go in various ways (pun totally intended!)

The Conference Room

When the conference room is not in use, it makes a great place to meditate. 

Consider these factors:

Conference rooms are not in use all day.  You can check the schedule to see when it is clear, book your personal meeting – you know, the one with you and You, grab your ear buds and steal away to your inner sanctuary.

No earbuds?  Most conference rooms nowadays have tv’s that are wifi ready.  Consider connecting to your favorite meditation app or youtube channel to create sound that drowns out the background noise.

Be sure to close the door.  Usually, when people see the conference room door shut, they honor it.  

In Your Office

Got a private office?  Use it as your sacred space for meditation.  I know in some cases this may seem a bit odd, or your private office may not have the ambiance you need to really go within, but you can create the space to be more appealing and comfortable to allow you to let go.

Consider these add ons to your office for the perfect meditation ambiance:

At Your Desk

Don’t have the luxury of a private office?  You can still meditate at your desk.  

Do it this way:

  1. Put in your ear buds.
  2. Find your fave meditation app.
  3. Place a sticky note on your computer screen that says “Meditation in Progress”.
  4. Then, meditate!

Yes, it is really that simple.  If you give your team a heads up, they will honor that.  

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an hour long meditation.  That can get a little testy among team members, but 5 to 10 minute meditations work perfectly.

The Vestibule

This idea can work, depending on how much traffic and noise the vestibule gets.  Vestibules usually have a seating area, plants, etc that create a welcoming ambiance.

The main entrance of the building may not be a good place for meditation.  However, most office buildings have several floors and the higher you go in levels of the building, the more quiet it could become.

Take a swift tour of your building to see what feels good to you.  Then make it a priority to get your meditation on daily.

Outdoor Commons Area/Office Park

If you work in an office building, you may have an outdoor commons area or office park that is setup for residents of the building to gather during break or lunch.  

These areas usually have gardens and beautiful landscapes that can ground you and get you connected to the healing energy of Earth. 

Take advantage of these areas, they are here for you.  Consider these ideas…

  1. Kick off your shoes and go for a walking meditation in the grass to ground yourself and heal.
  2. Sit underneath a shade tree and soak in the healing energy from the tree and the grass.
  3. Tap into your senses and take in the aroma of the flowers in the garden for a little aromatherapy.
  4. Use the chirping sounds of birds as a focal point of concentration.
  5. Is there a fountain?  Perfect! I love the soothing sounds of water.  Use the water as a focal point as well.
  6. Sit out in the sun and get some much needed vitamin D and take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your DNA, activate and open your solar plexus, and get a few shades darker for that rich summer tan you’ve been waiting to get to the beach for.
  7. Listen to the leaves of the trees sing and mimic the sounds of the ocean on a nice breezy day.

Nature offers so much to help us connect and be grounded.  Take advantage of the free source of energy around you daily.

Your Car

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to your car during lunch or break (if you’re at work reading this and you’re actually raising your hand right now, just know….you’re awesome, brave and I love you!).

The point is…I know the struggle of wanting to get so far away from the office for peace, that getting in your car is the closest you can get to home at the moment without walking off the job completely.  

I get that!  

Here’s what’s real…if you can get all the way to your car during the work day, something tells me you need a release.  You can use your car as your physical sanctuary to tap into your inner sanctuary.

Need some privacy?  Drive away to a more peaceful place.  Park in the shade underneath a tree. Let down your windows to get a nice breeze that may help relax you during meditation.  In fact, placing your focus on the breeze is a great way to concentrate.

I hope you’ve gotten this far in this article so I can tell you this…there are no excuses for why you can’t meditate at work.  I just gave you seven places to try.  

You can meditate anywhere.  All you need is a quiet place and your breath.