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Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

If you have a body, you can do yoga.

Yoga from Scratch is a mind, body and spirit approach to living your life at its fullest potential.  We practice and study the science of yoga to provide an educational experience that is a great fit for yoga for beginners or those who wish to go deeper into their practice to use yoga, meditation and mindfulness for healing or therapy.

Our mission is to provide humanity with the education and tools necessary to heal, transform and thrive.


Yoga sessions are designed for all levels of practice.  Whether you need private yoga sessions or looking to facilitate a group session for corporate or your next event, enjoy fun and safe flows that help you achieve your goals.

Meditation & Mindfulness.

Guided meditation and mindfulness workshops and sessions are for beginners and veterans of meditation.  We facilitate any event or corporate wellness initiative to help bring wellness to the community.


When yoga is part of your daily practice, whether its poses, meditation, breath work, mindfulness and more, transformation occurs.  “Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

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“Leah is a bomb-ass yoga teacher! I need yoga with Leah!”

~ Cheryl

“All levels yoga with an instructor you’ll absolutely love. 💕 Great for anyone looking to try yoga on for size. Leah makes it super fun and approachable.” ~ Stefanie

“Leah is an awesome teacher.  She is very patient, but also pushes you to go further into trying poses you didn’t think you could do.  I love how we always set intentions before class and the short meditation after.  I can’t wait till the next class.  5 stars!” ~ Zarinah

“Leah’s private yoga for beginners workshop was absolutely phenomenal. I’m looking forward to attending more.” ~ Gail

“I feel so much lighter.  Leah, the yoga teacher is fabulous!”

“Each one of Leah’s meditation practices has brought a new image or insight into my life, she is a master at reading the room and tailoring yoga and meditation to the needs of the attendees.” ~ Bethany

Are you looking for a yoga teacher, or are you in search of an experience?  Our private yoga for beginners classes and workshops will get you deeper into the purpose of yoga, coupled with how to use yoga daily to optimize you life!

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Heart Opening Meditation & Mindfulness Exercise

This meditation is designed to open the heart using a technique similar to the HeartLoc technique. The purpose is to activate a state of gratitude and appreciation for yourself and create a conduit of energy that then emits this loving energy into your environment and...

7 Places to Meditate at Work

7 Places to Meditate at Work

 Is finding the right place at work holding you out from meditating in the workplace?  If so, I’ve got seven places to choose from when you need to steal away to your inner sanctuary in order to meditate at work. Even if your place of work offers a wellness room, the...

How to Do Standing Tree Pose (Vrksasana) – Yoga Tutorial

How to Do Standing Tree Pose (Vrksasana) – Yoga Tutorial

In our yoga tutorial series, standing tree pose or vrksasna is like the mother of all poses.  The tree pose is the essence of all yoga. It targets and balances all 7 main energy centers and is said to represent the importance of integrating all limbs of yoga. Standing...

7 Reasons Why Meditation Isn’t Working for You

7 Reasons Why Meditation Isn’t Working for You

You know it and I know it:  Meditation can feel very impossible to do. Why?  Because the moment we sit down to go deep, we try too hard.  Little do we know that the crux is the word “try” – there is no trying in meditation.  You just,...

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